St. Petersburg – TAG 4

We visited the Museum of Political History of Russia to find out more about the historical context in which our hero – Andrey Sakharov – lived and stood up for his beliefs. „Between utopia and reality“ is the name of the exhibition that we have seen explaining about life in the Soviet Union. How to present it convincingly on a stage, with all its details and contradictions? This question was later discussed by the participants in the theatre rehearsal. More and more scenes of our play are starting to take shape! In the afternoon we had a chance visit „Nochlezhka“, Russian oldest charity providing assistance to homeless people, and talk to Viktoria Ryzhkova, who is working there since 10 years now. Besides explaining about the organisation’s work with the homeless and their problems, our participants asked a lot of questions about her motivation to work in a charity and dedicating energy to helping others, specially since Viktoria herself deals with a rare genetical illness. Yet another issue to reflect on collectively.